Product Shelf Life - Updated October 28, 2020


Shelf Life
Search for the current product's/part's shelf life using the following file: Product Shelf Life Cross Reference Chart
This downloadable file can be used for the purposes of searching and sorting information as desired. The contents of this file should not be altered after downloading. Ford is not responsible for any alterations made after downloading nor any consequences resulting from such alterations.

For the applicable product's/part's date, refer to the packaging for
    ◦ the "Use By" date on the container or carton/overpack label, if present
    ◦ if no "Use By" date, the date (e.g., 30SEP2019) on the carton/overpack label, if present
    ◦ if no carton/overpack label, the date of receipt of the product/part inventory from Ford.

Please note:

     • Only products/parts currently being sold by Ford are listed. 
    • Shelf life is dependent upon proper storage.  Refer to Section 7 of the product’s/part's Safety Data Sheet (available
       via and the container (e.g., bottle, drum) label for storage information.
    • If you have a shelf life-related question about these products/parts, please send your inquiry to
       If you have a shelf life question about other Ford regions’ products/parts, please contact the applicable regional contact.
       For Ford of Europe, you use the Contact form available via


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