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Q: What are VOCs?
A: Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) means any compound containing at least one atom of carbon, excluding certain compounds. Examples of products which contain VOCs include glass cleaners, engine shampoos, brake cleaners, carburetor or fuel-injection air intake cleaners, and windshield washer solvents.

Q: Is there any consideration of having an interval schedule for power steering fluid? After all, it does wear and gets material in it.
A: Power steering fluids and systems are designed to be filled for life. No fluid changes are necessary unless the system is dismantled.

Q: As a Ford Authorized Distributor (FAD), how do I obtain the 18% truckload discount on engine coolant?
A: To obtain the Motorcraft 18% discount on engine coolant, truckload orders must be placed through the Truckload Ordering process. To place an order, go to MC Distributor, click on Parts Information and then Chemicals and Lubricants Center. Select Truckload Ordering Program. The program requires that a full truckload order be placed, but truckloads may be comprised of Motorcraft products other than coolant. Refer to the Truckload Ordering Program website for a complete list of additional products available to order on the program. Please note only coolant will be eligible for the 18% discount.

Q: It is sometimes difficult to keep track of what chemicals go with what vehicles. How can I manage this information or is the information compiled anywhere?
A: There are quick reference charts for a number of the chemicals and lubricants. Click on the Quick Reference Charts link on the red bar (www.fcsdchemicalsandlubricants.com).

Q: I have a question concerning one of the Ford/Motorcraft chemical and lubricant products I use. Whom do I contact?
A: Please submit your question via the SDS Help Desk (msds@brownart.com), or call the SDS Help Desk at 800-448-2063.