SAE 5W-50 Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Motorcraft® SAE 5W-50 Full Synthetic Motor Oil is recommended by Ford Motor Company for use in the Ford GT, Shelby GT-500, GT-350, Boss 302, Focus RS and Ford GT Supercar
It is manufactured with high viscosity index, premium-quality synthetic base oils and performance additives to provide wear and oxidation protection under severe operating conditions. It is resistant to deposit formation, including supercharged and turbocharged applications. It provides quick flow to engine parts during start-up and lubricates effectively over a wide temperature range
This oil is compatible with other synthetic and petroleum-based formulations
Motorcraft® Part NumberXO-5W50-QGT
Specification NumberWSS-M2C931-C
Size1 Qt.
FIR No.192213
Unit Pack12 (Case Qty.)
Sell PackN/A