All-in-one Exterior Lacquer Touch-up Paints

Only Motorcraft® has the full line of quality, Ford-approved, exact-match, major-use exterior touch-up paints for use on Ford Motor Company vehicles
The air-dry, lacquer-based touch-up paint is ideal for retouching nicks, chips and scratches during new car prep and customer use
The built-in, full-width agitator thoroughly mixes paint for exact color match
The label color on each tube of paint approximates the basecoat color
Each paint tube’s all-in-one packaging consists of the following:
- Abrasive prep tip (beveled fiberglass): Use pointed edge to remove loose paint and rust, or the flat face to smooth down edges and clean larger areas.
- 0.25 fluid oz. (7.39 mL) of color basecoat with two applicator options:
  (a) Self-clearing, piston-style applicator (pen) tip: The patented acetyl tip provides enhanced precision flow control for a smooth finish. Use for precise retouching of fine chips and scratches. The smooth, controlled tip can be used at various angles.
  (b) Tapered paint brush: Use for pinpoint or broad-stroke/larger areas. Can be used at any angle. The reinforced shaft of the brush is durable and narrow, allowing the paint to flow down the shaft to the brush with minimal dripping during application.
- 0.25 fluid oz. (7.39 mL) of topcoat with a beveled foam applicator
Motorcraft® Part NumberPMPC-19500-XXXXA
(XXXX = Color Code)
(XXXX = Color Code)
(XXXX = Color Code)
Specification NumberESR-M2P100-CESR-M2P100-CESR-M2P100-C
Size0.25 fluid oz. basecoat and 0.25 fluid oz. topcoat0.25 fluid oz. basecoat and 0.25 fluid oz. topcoat0.25 fluid oz. basecoat and 0.25 fluid oz. topcoat
FIR No.009836 (basecoat)
and 039975 (clear topcoat)
009836 (basecoat) and 195212 (matte clear topcoat)009836 (basecoat and color-specific pearl topcoat)
Unit Pack111