Temporary Mobility Kit and Canister

Certain vehicles are equipped with a Temporary Mobility Kit in the spare tire compartment
Recommended only for use in those vehicles in which it was supplied as original equipment
Follow directions carefully. Instruction cards are in the compartment with the kit and in Owner Guides
Sealant formula will last up to 5 years from the production date
Check the Use by Dates on the canister at regular maintenance intervals as this is a time sensitive product
Check the canister label for the correct replacement canister part number information
Motorcraft® Part NumberTA-369N/ATA-33TA-34with TA-34TA-363
Specification NumberN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Size15.2 fluid oz.
(450 mL)
N/A16.9 fluid oz.
(500 mL)
13.5 fluid oz.
(400 mL)
13.5 fluid oz.
(400 mL)
10.1 fluid oz.
(300 mL)
FIR No.191813N/A177949177949177949178617
Unit Pack111111
Sell Pack111111